Episode 28: Star Trek (Mostly TNG)

Listen on Spotify. Content Warning: Brief Discussion of sexual assault starting at 9:55 and ending at 10:29.

In this episode of the Kinky Nerdy Poly (KNP) Podcast, your hosts M & G go boldly (and proudly) where no one has gone before, to talk about Star Trek! They will talk about Will Riker’s “consent fetish”, the progressive nature of Star Trek, kinky Klingons, and how everyone wants to date Captain Picard.

Links we mentioned in the episode:

1) article talking about Riker’s Consent Fetish
2) article which criticizes the TNG episode Outcast
3) guide for LGBT themes and motifs in Star Trek
4) article talking about Picard’s and Q’s relationship

Stay safe KNP audience folx!

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