Episode 38: Polycule Shenani-gans

Listen here on Stitcher. In this episode of the Kinky Nerdy Poly Podcast, M & G talk about Polycule Shenanigans! They talk about the events that they have gone to and organized with their polycule, including movie nights, polyamsgiving (basically Friendsgiving but harder to say), vacations, and Renaissance festivals. They also talk about activities other […]

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Episode 37: Dick Fight Island

Listen here on Stitcher. Dick. Fight. Island. Need we say more? Of course we do. In this episode of the Kinky Nerdy Poly podcast, M & G talk about the number 1 rated action and romance manga, Dick Fight Island by Reibun Ike. In this episode they will talk about the story, characters, and surprisingly […]

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Episode 35: Trauma Informed Polyamory

Content note: the beginning of the episode features discussion about trans masculine top surgery; this discussion goes from 1:11 to 5:49. Additionally, this episode talks about traumatic experiences. This episode does not provide therapeutic or medical advice and should not be taken as such.  Listen here on Stitcher. In a not-so-light-and-breezy episode, G and M deep […]

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Storytime with M: Recompense

Listen here on Stitcher. An Ace Attorney Fanfiction Content note: Dominant Miles Edgeworth, submissive Simon Blackquill, Dominant Athena Cykes, flogging, masturbation, slight degradation, demisexual Miles Edgeworth Story by sabinelagrande on AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/19048333?view_adult=true Twitter: @knppodcast Tumblr: http://www.knppodcast.tumblr.com Email: kinky.nerdy.poly@gmail.com Support Kinky, Nerdy, and Poly by contributing to their Tip Jar: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/knppodcast

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Episode 34: gen:LOCK

Content Note: Co-host M is intoxicated during this episode and mentions being high. Listen on Stitcher here. In this episode of the Kinky Nerdy Poly podcast M & G talk about the show gen:LOCK. They discuss various themes in the show such as identity, gender, transhumanism, and which character they would like to date or […]

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Episode 33: Asexuality and Kink

Listen on Stitcher here. Asexuality… what is it and how can it be compatible with kink? In this episode, M & G discuss what asexuality is, different parts of the asexual spectrum and how asexual people can and do enjoy engaging in kinky practices. They also talk about various types of attraction and what the kinky […]

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Story time with M: Marked for Evil

Listen here. Content note: hypnosis, mind control, rough body play, knife play, top Shinsou Hitoshi, villain Shinsou Hitoshi, aged up characters, bottom listener, and role play. Welcome to the first story time with M! For this first story, M reads an original My Hero Academia fanfiction, written and posted by him on Archive of Our […]

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Episode 31: Learning New Skills

Listen here. For this episode, we go pretty vanilla and make our way into the “mundane” – simply, we discuss learning new skills. One unique aspect of this episode is touching on how we, as folks with mental illness, have explored our interests and broadened our abilities. We discuss both creative and practical skills we […]

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