Bonus Episode: The Dom Will See You Now ASMR

Listen here. Content note: praise, submission, ownership, gentle suggestions for relaxation, wholesome kink, caretaking, blindfold, slapping This is a short kinky “ASMR” which is mostly just a kinky audio with some ASMR-esque elements. You are the s-type and the speaker is your Dominant. You can imagine them as any gender. Twitter: @knppodcast Tumblr: http://www.knppodcast.tumblr.com Email: […]

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Episode 30: Sadism and Masochism

Listen on Spotify here. In this episode of the KNP Podcast, M & G discuss and deconstruct the typical definitions and conceptions of sadism and masochism (hint: it’s not just sexual). They also talk about various types of sadism and masochism (emotional, physical, etc), their own journeys of accepting their sadistic and/or masochistic selves, and […]

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Update for the Kink+ Discord!

M, co-host of the Kinky Nerdy Poly (KNP) podcast, is helping to manage a wholesome, inclusive kinky Discord server called Kink+. In this server we post kinky media like photos, stories, and videos, have good casual discussions as well as discussions about various kinks, talk about the KNP podcast, and much more! We are now […]

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Episode 28: Star Trek (Mostly TNG)

Listen on Spotify. Content Warning: Brief Discussion of sexual assault starting at 9:55 and ending at 10:29. In this episode of the Kinky Nerdy Poly (KNP) Podcast, your hosts M & G go boldly (and proudly) where no one has gone before, to talk about Star Trek! They will talk about Will Riker’s “consent fetish”, […]

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Episode 25: Nerding Out Inside

To complete the trifecta of our last two episodes, we now explore what being nerdy has looked like in the pandemic. In this (very late) episode of the KNP your hosts M & G talk about all the various nerdy things they’ve been doing since they started isolating themselves, from binge watching tv shows remotely […]

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