Episode 38: Polycule Shenani-gans

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In this episode of the Kinky Nerdy Poly Podcast, M & G talk about Polycule Shenanigans! They talk about the events that they have gone to and organized with their polycule, including movie nights, polyamsgiving (basically Friendsgiving but harder to say), vacations, and Renaissance festivals. They also talk about activities other polycules have done, like go on a cruise together, work on a community garden, and coast to coast road trips.

Learn about the potential upsides and downsides to spending time with partners, metamours and fifth removed metamours.  As a bonus, you’ll hear the only time M is better at geography than G. 

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The music in this episode is the Secret of Tiki Island by Kevin MacLeod and is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0. You can find more of Kevin MacLeod’s music at his website.

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