Update for the Kink+ Discord!

M, co-host of the Kinky Nerdy Poly (KNP) podcast, is helping to manage a wholesome, inclusive kinky Discord server called Kink+. In this server we post kinky media like photos, stories, and videos, have good casual discussions as well as discussions about various kinks, talk about the KNP podcast, and much more!

We are now accepting applications to the Discord! The application can be found here: https://forms.gle/7ZZm3bieSUjSZChFA

Previously, we tried to take just Discord usernames but realized this makes it difficult without friending those who want to join first – therefore, we have to ask for an email to send the invite link to to make sure it gets through. The email will come from kinky.nerdy.poly@gmail.com. We are sorry about this inconvenience!

Looking forward to creating fun community with all of you 😀