Episode 30: Sadism and Masochism

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In this episode of the KNP Podcast, M & G discuss and deconstruct the typical definitions and conceptions of sadism and masochism (hint: it’s not just sexual). They also talk about various types of sadism and masochism (emotional, physical, etc), their own journeys of accepting their sadistic and/or masochistic selves, and what their favorite implement for inflicting pain is. Content warning: this episode contains discussion of different S&M activities which can be triggering or disturbing (e.g. tickling and needle play). The discussion of tickling and needles starts at 41:20 and ends at 43:20.

Link to the dissertation on “Useful Dangers”: http://bitly.ws/b3My

Link to the article on brats in BDSM: http://bitly.ws/b3MB

Link to the article on processing your sadistic side: http://bitly.ws/b3MH

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