Episode 31: Learning New Skills

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For this episode, we go pretty vanilla and make our way into the “mundane” – simply, we discuss learning new skills. One unique aspect of this episode is touching on how we, as folks with mental illness, have explored our interests and broadened our abilities. We discuss both creative and practical skills we have been developing over the course of this past year, somewhat prompted by quarantine. While there isn’t a lot of kinky or polyamory talk, this episode balances personal experiences with tangible advice. Listen and let us know – what new skills are you learning lately?

Links to article from NHS: https://bit.ly/2ZeL8Tj & https://bit.ly/374oK3z

Link to article about mental health and continuing education: https://bit.ly/2MNlanD

Link to Khan Academy: https://bit.ly/3tRYKC2

Link to Crash Course: https://bit.ly/3a9JbxN

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