Episode 8: Imposter Syndrome and Being Trans “Enough”

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Episode 8 of the Kinky, Nerdy, and Poly podcast talks about a heavy subject and a bit of a deviation from the normal topics of the show – being transgender and having imposter syndrome. In particular, it discusses how one can feel not “trans” enough, not “queer” enough, and the feelings that “maybe you aren’t REALLY trans”.

The hosts, both trans themselves, walk you through their experiences with this syndrome as it relates to their gender and sexuality. These experiences come from two different directions, L (normally G) being an AMAB trans-feminine genderfluid person and M being an AFAB non-binary trans guy. Despite these differences, their journeys have similarities that unite them in this particularly difficult dialogue.

If you are transgender and you need someone to talk to you can call the Trans Lifeline. The number for Trans Lifeline in the US is 877-565-8860 and in Canada is 877-330-6366.

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