Episode 9: Bootblacking and Leather Culture

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In Episode 9 of the Kinky, Nerdy, and Poly podcast, M & G talk about one of M’s passions: bootblacking and leather culture! Don’t know what a bootblack is? M gives you the overview and G discusses his experiences getting his boots blacked.

The hosts also discuss gay male leather culture, what it’s relationship to kinky culture is, and concepts like the “hanky code” from a historical perspective. They tread into some difficult territory by addressing the ongoing issues in the leather community as it relates to gender diversity.

This article by Landon Peoples goes into history of the hanky code and links to various lists of hanky codes.

This article by Matthew D. Johnson goes into some of the history of Leather culture.

This Rolling Stone article by Matt Baume dives into the history of Leather competitions and some of the struggles that modern day Leather culture faces.

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